Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wins and Losses

Well, we made it through another Election Day, this time without wondering whether the vote would be close like in 2000. It was anything but that. Obama's landslide victory surprises even me. I know a lot of people are concerned whether he will do well or not. I think he will. It will take time, but we will find out. If not, then we'll look for another President. At least he can't be worse than Bush :)

I would like to thank John McCain for his effort, and for his service to the country. He has served his country honorably, in both peace and war. Here's a suggestion: If Obama wants to truly create a bipartisan cabinet, why not select John McCain for Secretary of Defense? His military experience alone qualifies him in my book. I have a lot of respect for John McCain, I just don't like his party. He would be a tough cookie in that position.

Congrats to Baron Hill for his win over Mike Sodrel. Baron ran a good campaign against a tough opponent. Baron's win means that we still have a voice in the House, a voice that will work for us, not for a party. Again, congratulations Baron.

On the loss side, I was terribly disheartened to hear that Jill Long Thompson lost to Daniels. That is really a shame. Jill did not have enough money to push back against Daniels' massive sign blitz and television ads. She would have made a good Governor. Now we face four more years of watching our state get sold off piece by piece. In a few months, those that believed his ads will wake up to realize they made a mistake, once he starts back in on his privatization kick. Just wait and see. The only good thing is that the Democrats control the Statehouse. This will help to keep Daniels in check, and stop him from running roughshod over the state. Maybe someone in the Statehouse can get enough support to push a measure to end DST, or at least a referendum. It will have to have a lot of support in order to override any possible veto by Daniels. I can only hope.

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