Monday, November 03, 2008

The Coattail Effect

Doing a little late-night blogging, and found something interesting in the Indianapolis Star . The Star is a Republican newspaper, so they will do anything they can to help their side. Latest article is about ticket splitting, telling how that many will vote for a Democrat for President, and a Republican for Governor (got to back their great Mitch!). Anyway, buried in this is this quote:

Among voters supporting Obama, 28 percent also are backing Daniels for governor. Among those voting for McCain, 13 percent are supporting Long Thompson for governor.
Hmm, that means that if Obama takes a large chunk of the vote, 72% of those voters will vote for Jill Long Thompson. If McCain takes a majority, then 87% will vote for Daniels. The way things are looking right now for Obama, he could take this state, and bring Jill Long Thompson in with him, thus the coattail effect of riding to victory due to someone elses good political fortune and popularity (not that it's a bad thing). That is not good news for Daniels, because a Democratic wave could sweep him out of office.

Let's hope for a Democratic tsunami on Election Day! Get out there and vote Democrat, and let the waves sweep the Repubs out of office!

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