Sunday, November 02, 2008

DST - Just In Case You Forgot

Well, we're back on Eastern Standard Time again. Just in case you forgot, DST ended at 2:00 am this morning. If you forgot, and are late for church, or just aggravated at having to switch times, just remember who caused all this...our wonderful Governor, Mitch Daniels. Just in case you forgot about it, remember that he didn't ask us if we wanted it, he rammed it down our throats, and the vote passed by one vote. I don't call that a mandate. In case you are upset about it, just keep that in mind for Tuesday, when you can VOTE HIM OUT, and vote in a Governor who will let the people decide whether to continue this mess. Jill Long Thompson will call for a statewide referendum on the issue, and let US decide whether to continue with DST or end the mess once and for all. Jill will give the people a voice in government, one that has been silenced for the last four years under Daniels.

Over the last four years, I have watched this Governor slowly sap the life out of this state. First by de-certifying the teachers union, then closing license branches, forcing DST on us, selling off the Indiana Toll Road, and on and on. His signs say he has courage and vision...baloney! His tactics are not courageous or visionary...they are from the viewpoint of a corporate CEO who views this state like his company. I for one am tired of watching my state slowly die under him. It is time for a change, and not a minute too soon.

I urge you, when you go into the booth on Tuesday, to think about what happened over the last four years. Remember the issues, remember the problems. Ask yourself if you want four more years of this. If you don't, vote for Jill Long Thompson for Governor. She will give us our voice back in government.

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