Thursday, May 03, 2007

Gas Prices Rise Again

Excuse me for the rant, folks, but I'm rather fed up with it all.

I'm sure all of you by now are getting a bit tired of the rapid rise of the price of gasoline. It hit $3.19 a gallon here today, much to my shock. The results of this are already evident at the grocery store, as in $3.37/gal. for milk, and so on. This is putting a strain on everyone, especially the working poor, who sometimes have to travel many miles to work, only to spend most of their paycheck on fuel. By the time they get done paying for the fuel, they don't have enough left to buy the groceries they need, let alone pay bills. Some will say, "Well, that's their fault. They should work closer or spend less." Many people don't have a choice where they work...they're lucky to have a job, even if it's $8-9 an hour. At these wages, which by the way, aren't rising, it's a wonder they can afford to eat, let alone keep a roof over their head. I consider myself lucky, in that I do make more than that. It's hard enough for us to keep up with everything, let alone what those poor people have to put up with.

This madness must stop! If this keeps up, people won't be able to afford to go to work, let alone pay their bills. It appears that the oil companies are back to their old tricks, raising the prices at every little problem that comes around. The price had dropped close to $2/gal, before it suddenly started rising again, all because of "supply problems", "world crises", etc. Seems like they just couldn't stand to lose money, so they found an excuse to raise it out of sight. Not to mention that the man in the White House could care less about whether we have to pay more or not (he is an oil man, after all, so why would he stop the price from rising?).

Yes, I'll admit, there are many reasons for supply problems, and sometimes a rise is justified (supply and demand). However, why is it that the gasoline that was delivered on Monday for $2.45/gal can be raised the next day by 20 to 30 cents per gallon when it is the same gasoline in the tank? Other commodities don't work this way, so why should gasoline? Maybe I just don't understand how it works, or maybe it's just gouging...pure and simple.

I sincerely hope that Congress can finally find the time to look into this, when they can get out of investigating all the things that Bush and the Repubs have them tied up in. The Repubs seem to be trying to keep them occupied on other matters, in order to keep them from doing what is best for the American people. This Congress inherited a mess - a corrupt administration, a President who listens only to himself, and a war that has kept the Congress occupied for most of it's first few months. With a mess like that, it's no wonder they can't find time to fix the problem.

As I said, excuse me for the rant. I just want to see things improve for everybody.


O_T said...

You want to know the root of the problem? notice that not one "concerned" citizen has replied to your blog. That's because North Americans are just to busy to care. Oh, they gripe and complain for a minute, and then off they go.
Until Americans and Canadians stand united against both Governments, nothing will ever change. We don't know how to unite.
Oh, we can unite when flood waters hit New Orleans, or when there's a shooting at a school, but we cannot seem to find the fortitude to unite for causes that truly effect all of us. Large Corporations and their Government cronies need a good bitch smack, collectively, from all of us.

Southern Indiana Dem said...

I agree that the corporations and the government do need a wake-up call. As far as people replying, well, this blog is not exactly I'm sure there will be a comment or two made in time. You do have a good point about uniting...most people do just run along, and wait till it's too late to do anything. That is a sad situation. They have the same apathy about this as they do about voting.

Thanks for your reply.