Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shame on the Media

After all the families and friends of the victims of the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech have gone through this week, now the media decides to air footage of the killer explaining why he did it! This was totally uncalled for! Shame on NBC for airing the footage to start with, and shame on the other media outlets to follow suit, just to increase their ratings! This should not have been broadcast, especially not now, with the families still trying to cope with this tragedy. Airing footage like this at this time would be the equivalent to allowing the public to view the cockpit tapes of the Challenger or Columbia as it broke apart! Maybe at some point, the families themselves could have been allowed to view it, as long as they were in agreement on it. Maybe it should never have been shown at all. By showing it, they did exactly what the killer spread even more pain and hurt.

When will the media, and the public who craves these things, learn that there are some things that just shouldn't be shown? I'm not talking about censorship, just using discretion and common sense when something like this comes along. This kind of message does not deserve to be on the airwaves. It just causes more pain to everyone. How many children might have been exposed to this tirade? How many kids will go to sleep tonight, only to wake up with nightmares because of what they saw? I'm glad my children have not seen it...I would have a mess on my hands.

I myself was fortunate not to have viewed the videotape, being that I was at work. I read enough in the news on the internet to make me couldn't bring up a news page without seeing something about it. I have no desire to see the tape...I am disgusted enough already.


Anonymous said...

Consider all the airtime and column space given to the villain of the Virginia tragedy, to his 23-page statements and his 43 sickening photographs. Now compare it with the references one needs to search for two heroes who gave their own lives to save others'.

Do NBC and others find no significance and educational value to highlight the sacrifice made by these two gentlemen?

I hope that media will suspend repeatedly playing the killer's tapes and videos and dedicate some space to honor examples of bravery like Liviu Librescu, the 76-year-old maths professor who held shut the door of his classroom while his pupils scrambled to safety, and was then shot dead .

Another fallen hero is Virginia Tech student Waleed Mohammed Shaalan, who was hit by three bullets, including one in the head, in an attempt to save a fellow student.

Shaalan, 32, had been at Virginia Tech since August studying for a Ph.D. in civil engineering. He was ambitious, saying he wanted to follow in the footsteps of Ahmed Zewail, an Egyptian who won the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1999, said his father, Mohammed Shaalan, 65.

The day before Monday's massacre, Shaalan called home and said he intended to visit Egypt next month and then return to Virginia with his wife and 15-month-old son who had been living in Egypt, his parents said Thursday. The family got another call two days later. The Egyptian Embassy in Washington told them Shaalan had been one of the 32 victims.

See his 2004 wedding photo at

Southern Indiana Dem said...

I thank you for your reply. I believe at this time they have finally stopped playing this sickening spectacle. I agree that the media should concentrate on the heroes of this tragedy, not the killer. As for NBC and the rest of the media, it seems like all they care about is putting out a sensational story. Maybe now that people have reacted so negatively toward their conduct in this affair, maybe they'll think twice the next time this happens (I can only hope).