Monday, October 13, 2008

Tight Race for Governor - Jill is Gaining!

Hi folks! Doing a little late night blogging, and thought I'd pass some info on the race for Indiana Governor. The race is tightening up! According to a poll from WISH-TV 8 in Indianapolis, Daniels is leading only by a very slim margin, 49% to 45%, and his approval rating is even closer to Jill Long Thompson, 49% to 45%. This is very tight, considering Daniels had a wide lead at one time, and just a few weeks ago, was up 49% to 41%. Daniels paints a rosy picture, but in reality, he is in trouble. Check out his approval rating here...very low indeed.

Jill is gaining on Daniels, and fast. Read this article from WISH-TV 8 on how the race is tightening. At the pace she's going, and the way the economy is causing trouble for the repubs, Jill will be our next Governor, and not a moment too soon. Just remember, if your on the fence, remember some of the things Daniels has done:

1. De-certified the Teacher's Union as his first official act in office.
2. Brought us the DST mess.
3. Closed license branches all over the state.
4. Sold off the Indiana Toll Road to an Australian consortium.
5. When asked about what he considered to be a good wage, he replied that "$9 or $10 an hour is a good wage. Pretty good considering he is a multimillionaire. I'd like to see him live on that.
6. Privatization of welfare and a host of other formerly state-run departments.

I could list more, but you get the point. Daniels has been a disaster for this state. Just ask anyone who has been thrown out of work because of his cuts. This must stop! Daniels cannot be allowed to have another 4 years to further ruin this great state.

I urge you to support Jill Long Thompson for Governor. She will work to rebuild this state, and undo the damage that Daniels has done. It will take time, but Jill will get the job done. Vote for Jill on November 4th!

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