Sunday, April 06, 2008

Muddied Waters

Hi, folks! Primary time is nearing, and the race is getting more heated by the day. I don't think I've ever seen a time when the choices were so difficult. All the candidates have some good qualities, but also have enough bad qualities to make me stop and think about who I would want. Obviously, voting for McCain just doesn't seem like a good idea. McCain by himself would probably be ok, but with all the other baggage that would come with him (read the current Repub establishment that got us in this mess to start with, and have been lurking around Washington since Nixon), I just can't see that as a good idea. Obama keeps talking about change, but doesn't say what kind of change. I don't know enough about him to feel comfortable. Clinton has come out in support of groups that I cannot support, and ideas that I cannot condone.

As far as electability, many people would vote against Obama just because of the name (I'm not saying it's a bad name, just that some people feel it sounds too close to another infamous person). Clinton also has an electability problem with the name, because every right-wing extremist in the country will vote against her because of her husband. Her stance on certain groups will also hurt her with the conservative base in this country.

When will the Democratic Party wake up and realize that the way to gain the White House is not by electing liberals, but by reaching out to the conservative base in this country? There are far more of us than they realize, but our voices are not heard. We need a Truman or Kennedy...someone who is tough, and can take us back to the place that we once were, with higher moral standards, and compassion for the working man.

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