Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Republican Troubles

Seems another Repub has bit the dust. Rep. Bob Ney of Ohio has been convicted of making false statements and conspiracy. Ney admitted that he received money and gifts in return for favors for Abramoff and friends. He could get ten years, but will receive 27 months in prison under a plea agreement. Not a lot of time for someone who stole so much. Many people have had far worse for a lot less.

Another one in trouble is Pennsylvania representative Curt Weldon, who, as of today, is under investigation by the FBI to determine whether he "used his influence to secure lobbying and consulting contracts for his daughter", according to sources close to the investigation. Allegedly, this had something to do with work that Weldon performed between 2002 and 2004. The companies involved were two Russian companies and two Serbian brothers who had connections to the former leader of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milosovic. Apparently the company, Solutions North America, which was run by Weldon's daughter, Karen Weldon, had a contract worth $1,000,000 with the Russian companies and the Serbian brothers. A Republican ally of Rep. Weldon, Charles Sexton, was also involved.

Add these scandals to the Foley mess, the cover-up by Hastert, and the various other scandals of late, and you have a Republican party in trouble. So much trouble, in fact, that according to a poll taken by Constituent Dynamics and a post on Bill Earl's site Americans for Bayh, (thanks to Americans for Bayh for the post and link), the Democrats are now leading in the polls by 19 seats, more than enough to gain the majority. This is indeed great news for the Democrats, and bad news for the Repubs.

We now have a chance to make a change in this nation. We can win this November, and put the brakes on Bush and his buddies' power grab. We can end the "culture of corruption" that has engulfed Washington, and begin to restore dignity and honor to the Congress. Please join me in voting Democratic this November 7th. Our time has come.

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